Miss Universe 2018 talks about legalizing medical cannabis

The entire world simply crowned the Miss that is new Universe Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday. The Catriona that is 24-year-old Magnayon through the Philippines bested girls from 93 other countries and territories.

Within the Top 5 concern and response round, Gray had to share her views about legalizing marijuana.

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The host of Miss Universe 2018, American comedian Steve Harvey, asked: “Canada recently joined up with Uruguay since the nation that is second the whole world which will make cannabis appropriate. What exactly is your viewpoint in the legalization of marijuana?”

Her response ended up being extremely brief, yet right to the idea. Gray stated that she aids legalizing the employment of marijuana for medical purposes, although not for leisure purposes.

“I’m if you are utilized in medical usage yet not therefore for leisure usage. Because I believe if individuals were to‘what argue about alcohol and cigarettes?’ Well, all things are good however in moderation. Thank you.” – Skip Philippines Catriona Gray

Timely problem

The newly crowned Miss Universe later told reporters that the relevant question on cannabis legalization ended up being certainly an active topic and appropriate. Many think this is in mention of the the government’s that is philippine on medications, which includes currently killed numerous of individuals. This war on drugs has additionally triggered alarm among worldwide rights supporters that are human.

Recently, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte admitted to — or joked about — utilizing marijuana to remain awake and continue aided by the needs of their task. he’s got since expressed their openness to legalize medical cannabis, contradicting their statement that is previous about legalizing it as he could be in workplace.

Gray’s remark often helps PH cannabis that are medical?

Some lawmakers genuinely believe that Gray’s remark during the pageant will pave the way for the approval of this medical cannabis bill, also called the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act or HB 6517. The balance is presently pending prior to the House of Representatives and, if passed away, it would provide clients legal use of the medication and as a consequence offer an improved total well being.

Rep. Rodito Albano said they are specific Gray’s declaration shall convince Congress to expedite the passing of the balance into legislation. Albano is One of HB 6517’s co-authors and he vowed that he shall continue steadily to help the measure at plenary and ratification.

The Filipinos take worldwide beauty pageants extremely really and additionally they simply take pride within their representatives. So that it won’t be astonishing if Gray’s views on medical cannabis would bear a complete lot of fat on and influence the people’s collective viewpoint.

The Australian-born Filipino beauty queen is additionally a television host, singer, model, and phase actress. She received a certification in Music Theory through the Berklee university of musical in Boston, Massachusetts.

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